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Clash of clans is a popular strategy game available on mobile devices that works under the IOS and Android systems. The game is about building your own empire and building the assets that will make it powerful in order to be able to face other players. As any strategical game, the development require patience and good decisions. The success in these games is based on choice making, if you work on developing an asset now, you’ll see how it will impact your game in the future.

The game doesn’t only focus on the strategical aspects, but also gives importance to in-game interactions between players. They can compete, invade each other’s kingdoms and cooperate to server their interests. There are in-game gatherings that comes in clan forms, whether you’re playing with your friends or people you just met online, you have the possibility to gather in clans and defy others.

Establishing buildings that will increase your power, is not instant. Time dimension has been included in the game to get players to be more devoted toward the game. Many games implemented this dimension to keep players in contact with the game. The player will perform a daily check on the advancement of his buildings, which will keep him in constant contact with the game.

As any online game, there’s a virtual currency called gems that enable you to purchase troops, build buildings, make upgrades and more. To obtain gems, you’ll have to spend many hours in front of your screen playing Clash Of Clans, and yet you’re not sure to gather enough gems for your purpose.

We know that it can be painful to want something and not be able to get it due to lack of resources. That’s why we came up with a life-saving solution that will help to get free gems on Clash Of Clans. A dynamic online interface that gives you the ability to get a considerable amount of gems that you can exploit in COC.


We’ve put a lot of effort into building an online tool that will be of a great help to all Clash of Clans players. We focused on offering our players a simple tool that do not require any technical knowledge for usage. In addition, we established a guide that contains all the instructions you’ll need to follow in order to make the process go smoothly.

Many players that you may have faced in-game, resort to this kind of platforms to get themselves resources without sharing it with other people. That’s perfectly understandable, as corrective measures will be implemented as soon as the platform goes viral. Only a minority is aware of the existence of many platforms that can provide clash of clan players with free gems.

In order to get free gems, you’ll have to go through some basic procedures. The platform is automated but you’ll need to set some basic parameters related to the account you wish to add gems in.

The first thing you should start with is accessing the interface that connects our servers with clash of clans servers. You’ll need to specify some information related to your account, as the username and the amount of free gems that you would like. No out-of-context information are required to complete the process. All the data you enter are used as parameters to regulate the whole process that will lead in the generation of resources to your account.

Once you have specified your username and chosen the amount of gems that you wish to get, you just have to click on the “proceed” button to launch the system.


Our system is based on a filtering technology that intercepts transmitted data between the official game’s servers when a purchase occur. It filters the data, to keep only what’s related to in-game transactions within our servers. The second and most important phase consists in making these lines of codes active, by submitting it them to a special algorithm that reinitializes their values. That way, we can reuse the gems affectation codes on other accounts within our platform.

When the user accesses the platform and fulfills the adequate boxes with right information, our panel sends a request to the databases. According to the value selected by the user, specific lines of affectation codes are conducted to add free gems to the account.

However, you shouldn’t be worried about technicalities that run on the background. We will list all the instructions you need to follow in order to complete the process smoothly without any problems. The interface was designed for the best user experience. We witnessed a lot of confusion with the last version as the people couldn’t comprehend how the system works and get free gems on their clash of clans accounts.

We made the usage of the platform simple, automated and quick. Once you have fulfilled the adequate information related to your account, click on the proceed button to star the generation process.

Free gems on Clash of Clans:

Getting free gems on Clash of clans is not as hard as people believe. In fact, it’s just a matter of research, if you stumble upon the right platform then you will find no difficulties in getting free gems. The bad thing about this is that many bad entities will try to lure you into paying tremendous amounts of money without completing their part of the deal.

You may find other platforms on the internet that offer the same service as we do, there no problem about that. Most of the platforms acts as resellers that redistribute services provided from our platforms. What we do not accept, is proposing these services for money. Our platform is and will always be free, because our main purpose is to serve the players by providing them with assets that will complement their gaming experience

Free gems are mostly offered within special events, competitions or through partnership that the official game conducts with other brands. Unless you’ve done a great research and look on many websites, you won’t easily get gems on clash of clans.

Get Clash of Clans gems for free within minutes:

You don’t have to spend endless hours in front of your little screen to gather a ridiculous amount of gems that you can get easily. Hacks will always be the easiest and best solution to develop quickly within any game, it’s better to spend your time on something that will benefit you instead of wasting it on gems.

Completing the whole process in place will only take few minutes from you. It’s only about providing the right information to our system that will take care of the rest. However, you have to be careful and avoid misusing the platform. Rules are here to equitably share the gems that our system provides. Abusing it won’t do you any good because it increases the chances of you getting caught by admins, and since the resources are limited, you’re stopping other players from benefiting.


The platform provides an online feature, which means that it’s only reachable with internet connection. If you have internet access you can easily benefit from the free gems that our platform provides for coc players.

In order for the operations to go smoothly, game servers has to be active, otherwise connection cannot be established. Keep in mind that it is an operation that involves our system and the game’s servers. If there’s any issues with one of those elements, the user will not be able to generate free gems on his account.

The tendency of provided services is to present an automated service through an online platform which is accessible at any time. The human only intervenes to guide the machine, fix issues and respond to user inquiries. It’s a successful model that has been beneficial for both parties, the provider and the client. One is decreasing his costs and the other is enjoying the best user experience provided by interactive platforms.

The platform is dedicated to an online game, so it has to be online and available worldwide for all COC players around the world. If you have the ability to play the game, it automatically means that you’ll have the ability to get yourself free gems with our platform.

Platform attributes: Compatibility:

Our platform is compatible will all the devices, mobiles and computers. But keep in mind that if you want to successfully receive the gems on your account, the game only functions on IOS and Android. It’s possible to play via computer simulators, but the gaming experience won’t be the same. If it is the case, you’ll receive the free gems on your account with any issues as the affectation is done via account regardless of the system.

We’ve taken into account the compatibility issues that often occur when the transmission is done from different operating systems. To avoid falling in such problems, we rely on resources affectation that is based on the account. Whether you’re on IOS or Android, the completion of the process will result in adding free gems in the specified account.

Easy to use:

You’ll easily comprehend the operational system and what’s asked from clash of clans users who wish to get free gems in-game. We removed every section that may cause confusion among our users and created a quick guide on how to use the platform. After the completion of every step, you’ll get a notification on the panel to keep you informed on the process.

If any problem occur, the system will try to auto-regulate and fix itself. Otherwise, there are two alternatives: You’ll be notified about the existence of a problem and asked to refresh the page or you have to notice by yourself and restart it.

You can easily get free gems if you’re smart enough to use the platform properly without compromising the process.

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